What People Are Saying About the Carnivore Diet

For the purpose of attaining the best health possible, I’ve decided to experiment with an entirely meat-based diet.

Sound paradoxical?

Maybe it is.

People have had amazing results from the diet – which, if you an intermediate to advanced understanding of nutrition, fat-based metabolism, ketogenesis, etc, should make sense.

I was reading the amazing results people have had from this diet on meatheals.com, and I wanted to write some notes on them to refer back to for when I need motivation or clarity with this diet. I’ll be paraphrasing the parts that are most relevant to me.

Kade Weigum said:

I told my brother what was going on and he told me to eat meat… so… I love meat, but that can’t be good for me. That’s all he eats and always looks super healthy. He introduced me to a zero carb reddit, where I could read up on it. Within a week, I had given up all sugar and was pretty into intermittent fasting, eating only once a day. I gave my beer up for vodka, and I was on my way to health! I’m feeling much better, with energy up the wall and 60 lbs lighter on the scale.

Well here I sit, 5 AM… no coffee wide awake, and just want people to know that this way of life is really something special. No pain, no stress, tons of energy off my 7 hours of sleep and ready to make today mine!

Kristin Suzanne said:

It appears we can get everything we need (in the best format!) from animal products so, no, it’s not harmful. It’s actually extremely nutritious! The common sentiment in the carnivore community is that #MeatHeals and it’s anti-aging. I’m inclined to agree. Animal proteins and fats have superior nutrition without any of the possible negative consquences of carbohydrates.

It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done to keep in great shape. It’s effortless. When I ate a “clean” diet in the past years, I stayed in good shape but had to put a lot more effort into it. I can go from eating over a pound of fatty ribeye steak straight to wearing a swimsuit because there’s no bloat. My abdomen stays flat.

I can also work out after eating meat, too. In the past I waited before going to the gym, after eating, usually because I had a “food baby” or I was tired from digestion. Now, I’ve had times where I want to do a pull up after eating steak.

Here are my results that happened immediately in the first week on a carnivore diet:

– First thing that happened was I wasn’t super hungry all day. Very satiated. In fact I had to work at eating more because I was full. I remember Shawn Baker, MD saying to eat like it’s your job in the beginning to ensure adequate nutrient and energy intake.

– Second thing that happened was that I woke feeling super refreshed and with less sleep on even the first night!

Wade Gomes said

I am currently down 28 lbs, my sleep is much deeper, my overall mood is better, and I have more energy throughout the day. My workouts have taken a step back as I don’t have the strength and endurance I had before (I took the first 6 weeks off from Crossfit but have recently returned). I know from reading what the vets of this way-of-eating say that it will eventually come back 10 fold.

Richard B. Said

I upped my exercise level when I started keto, but felt tired after my workouts. I now workout 3 times a day and have much more energy.

I have been an insomniac for at least 15 years. I haven’t slept a full night in my bed for years. Almost immediately after I started my carnivore diet I have been sleeping all night on my bed. I had been waking up 3 to 4 times a night to urinate. The last 3 nights I have not got up to urinate once. I wake up full of energy and immediately start my morning workout. I usually sleep 5 to 6 hours a night now. I have a Fitbit that records my sleep – before carnivore, I was sleeping maybe 3 hours a night.

My normal eating is coffee with butter and heavy cream before morning workout at 4:30am. At 9:00am, I usually have about a pound of some type of beef. At about 5:00pm, I will have between 10oz to 1lb of beef. Early on I was having pork for dinner about every three days, but it was not filling so I now am almost exclusively eating beef for dinner. Saturday morning I usually have 3 to 4 eggs and about 3/4lb of bacon. My intake is constantly changing, I eat until full, some days I eat more than others.

Steve G. says:

I participated in the 90 day carnivore experiment and want to share my experience. My 90 days ends today, but I will be continuing with this way of eating, because the results have been so positive. There were a number of positive changes I experienced, including ones that were unexpected. Here is a short list:

– My body has been extremely responsive to training (I mostly do high intensity weight lifting), with minimal muscle soreness in the days after a workout. I’ve gained about 8-10lbs of muscle mass in the last 3 months and am much stronger. My motivation to work out is very high.

– I previously had what I suspect were mild hypothyroid symptoms. Intolerant to cold, uncontrollable shivering, low energy levels at times. This winter the cold is not even a problem for me (I live in Michigan). I never feel tired at the end of a day anymore and I make plans to do things almost every night.

– Better libido and sexual function. This year (just turned 30), I became concerned that my desire and performance were really decreasing fast. After about two months of carnivore, things began to really pick back up and seem to be getting better now with every passing week.

– My physique, and I feel in some ways even my personality, have definitely become more definitively masculine. I am more decisive, focused, and intense in my work and personal life. I suspect this is due to better hormonal health and higher testosterone.

I feel like this way of eating is conducive to the type of lifestyle I would like to live and the high level of function I want to get out of my body, both physically and mentally!

Paul T. said:

The results blew me away from the start.

After about ten days I looked as good or better than I ever have, including years ago when I lifted weights for fitness.

Athletically, there was an adaptation period with some brain fog (pretty sure I wasn’t eating enough) and I would be sort of fatigued on fast group rides but I still hung in there and did okay. Since winter arrived, I’m riding less and can’t really determine how this will affect my cycling till spring. I was skeptical about my doing the 100 push ups per day since I thought. I would get too sore. Not the case. Overall I cannot believe how rapidly I recover after exercising. There have been many days where I will do the push ups and squats in the morning and then hit the fitness center for a full body weight circuit (around 20 minutes) with around 240 total reps of various movements – and I feel like I could keep going.

I don’t believe I could have done that much work that often in the past without breaking down too much physically.

More significantly, my mood, sleep, ability to handle stress, and overall outlook on life have all improved enormously. My work is highly stressful – I’m a business owner and over the past few years I’ve faced a lot of difficulty in the business. I’ve essentially coped by riding my bike and probably drinking too much. Since starting these protocols, my emotional ups and downs have smoothed out, I have a much more positive outlook, and I have embarked on a personal improvement mission.

Instead of sleeping until the last possible minute like I usually did, I am getting up much earlier as I have so much I want to do each day.

Filip Nilenius said:

No more back pain. I would wake up every morning with a cramp in my back muscles. It’s all gone now.

No more stiff muscles – most of my muscles used to be really stiff.

Better bowel movements, no more diarrhea, no more bloody stool.

Better digestion.

Not tired when I wake up in the morning. I’ve become a morning person.

Not tired after eating.

Better eyesight. Everything is much sharper and colors are really vivid. I used to have to squint on sunny days before. Not anymore.

Cleaned sinuses. My sinuses always used to be clogged up, now they have been cleansed. I have felt my pulse in my sinuses for the last 12 months.

Regained sense of smell. Directly after starting zero carb I noticed that I could smell them perfume of people on the streeets. This had never happened before.

Better memory.

Better cognitive functions.

Constantly high energy levels.

Better sleep and better dreams. I have not had a nightmare since I started with this diet.

No physical fatigue. I feel stronger than I ever have felt before.

No winter cold – this is the first year in 10+ years that I havne’t had a cold.

Happier. I’ve never felt this happy in my life before. Now I get sudden bursts of euphoria from time to time.

Better fine motor skills. Playing the piano has never been this easy.

Quick recovery. I play squash, do TRX, and ride racing bikes and recovery has never been this quick. Hardly any muscle soreness.

More stuff has happened that I cannot put into words. I just know that my body feels better and that something has healed and I don’t know what it is. I just feel that I have increased my life expectancy by many years.

That being said, the healing process was quite intense. I certainly got the keto flu and was many times questioning if I was doing the right thing.

Charlene Andersen said:

Joe was always interested in bodybuilding and happened upon Vince Gironda. His way of eating to be as strong and sharp as possible intrigued Joe. Almost as soon as he researched this and similar diets (many authors delving into the low/carb free approach to health long, long ago) he started eating low carb/high fat. Instantly it appealed to me and I tried experimenting with low carb foods and recipes (I loved to cook and bake). It was not an immediate win for me, but certain things instantly started to turn around (allergies and asthma in particular as soon as I removed grains). I also started unmasking the low carb foods (vegetation especially) which would send me into terrible fatigue spells.

As SOON as I switched to animal fat as my fat source instead of “healthy” oils, I ovulated and had a period two weeks later. I couldn’t believe it!!! Why in the WORLD didn’t someone tell me years ago about the importance of animal fat?!? I’ve been more regular since then than I ever was as a young teenager.

We experimented with pork only to find that it activated symptoms. Ground meats, no matter what type also did.

Sure enough, as soon as I decided to go all beef, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my symptoms vanished!!! I couldn’t believe it.

Also, I quickly found the more I ate meat only, my face shape changed and especially my body. I went from needing to work out religiously and strenuously when eating poorly to giving up exercise completely in order to not become too muscular or masculine-looking.

Upton Sinclair (from his book The Fasting Cure)

Recently a friend called my attention to the late Dr. Salisbury’s book, “The Relation of Alimentation to Disease.” Dr. Salisbury recommends a diet of broiled beef and hot water as the solution of most of the problems of the human body; and it may be believed that I, who had been a rigid and enthusiastic vegetarian for three or four years, found this a startling idea. However, I make a specialty of keeping an open mind, and I set out to try the Salisbury system. I am sorry to have to say that it seems to be a good one; sorry, because the vegetarian way of life is so obviously the cleaner and more humane and more convenient. But it seems to me that I am able to do more work and harder work with my mind while eating beefsteaks than under any other regime; and while this continues to be the case there will be one less vegetarian in the world.

For three years I did myself incalculable harm by accepting blindly statements that meat was the prime cause of autointoxication, together with other high protein food. I lived on starches and sugars, grew pale and thin and chilly, and, as I was accustomed to phrase it, was never more than fifteen minutes ahead of a headache. I can give myself a headache at any time at present by two or three days of eating rice, potatoes, white flour, and sugar. Apparently I cannot give it to myself by eating any possible quantity of broiled lean beef. So far as I can make out, beef is the one article of diet which never does me any harm, no matter how much of it I eat. The same thing is true, apparently, with my little boy.

Danny Vega, otherwise known as @ketocounterculture on Instagram:

This morning I woke up at 4am full of energy without my alarm.

Pretty epic stuff. Check back later for updates on how this crazy diet treats me.

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