Carnivore Diet Intro

Wanna hear something crazy?

Right now, I’m strongly considering a zero carb, meat-based, 100% carnivorous diet.

The Backstory:

If you’ve read my previous posts, you may know that the past five months have been brutal for me. I’ve been suffering intense fatigue, hormonal dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and a whole host of issues. I believe this may be tied to whatever condition(s) I inherited from my mother, who was a very ill person and suffered from Lyme disease her entire life.

I’m not sure if I have Lyme disease. I doubt it, but it’s possible. It’s also possible that I don’t have Lyme, but I instead have one of the co-infections that comes with it.

On my journey to peak health and peak performance, over the years I’ve experimented with a variety of eating styles and habits. One clear sign my body has sent me over the years is that my mitochondria like fat. As a fuel source, my body likes fat.

A couple of years ago, I experimented with ketosis – a mostly fat-based diet – and got great results.

I’ve been considering recommitting to the diet because it’s very conducive towards mitochondrial health, and I’ve been googling around online to see if anyone with Lyme disease had tried it.

Some cursory googling revealed that people with Lyme had indeed tried it, and with success.

Somehow, along the way, I was recommended to view Dr. Shawn Baker’s podcast with Joe Rogan about his All-Meat Carnivore Diet. The diet is essentially a hardcore, upgraded version of the keto diet, minus ALL vegetables and plant based foods.

The diet, at its core, allows for two things:

1. Meat.

2. Water.

Apparently, the diet’s a panacea. Shawn went into all sorts of details with Joe about how incredibly healing the diet is, how its given him amazing results and energy, etc.

It makes sense, too. Nutritional ketosis is an optimal mode of metabolic function, but to have all of one’s nutrients coming from nutrient-dense meat and saturated fat? I can see how, bite-for-bite, this way of eating could be one of the most nutritious ways possible to eat.

Shawn mentioned Vince Gironda, one of the first bodybuilders in America, exclusively ate diet comprised of steak and eggs, and he lived a super healthy life and gained amazing results from it in his physique.

I was intrigued, and I started looking into it further.

Eventually, I found my way to, which is essentially a blog dedicated to testimonials from people that have tried the diet and found great results with it.

The results people were experiencing were profound.

Best of all? The very first testimonial on the site, from a woman named Charlene Andersen, is about how adopting a carnivorous diet allowed her to beat her chronic Lyme disease and finally, after many, many years, gain her health back.

Lyme is a complicated fucking disease to heal from and overcome, and it destroys many people’s lives because of how tricky it is to overcome, and how brutal the toll can be on a person’s body.

When I read her testimonial, I was super stoked, and I dived in further to the other testimonials. People’s results and reports from the diet were absolutely epic.

Check out my next post to see which ones resonated for me and convinced me to give this diet a shot.

Edit 5/6/18:

I began the diet, did it for a couple of days, and had very little energy. I introduced a bit of asparagus back in, and felt much better. Then I went back to just eating meat. I felt so/so for a couple days, and then felt weak, tired, etc. I introduced a bit of sweet potato in, and I feel much better, but I’m worried that if I’m just eating meat while I’m also supplementing exogenous testosterone and thyroid, I won’t be able to control my estrogen production with things like broccoli, asparagus, etc. It seems my liver needs that support because I start to feel emotionally soft, a lack of mental drive, etc…

Things you supposedly aren’t supposed to feel on this carnivore diet.

I know things take time so I’ll keep trying at it and see how I feel. I’m not crazy about committing 30 days to this if it makes me feel like shit, though. I want to feel amazing like all these other people. I’ll keep updating this.

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